StarLight Dance Floors

A starlight dance floor is by far the most popular choice for wedding celebrations.

Available in either white , black or as a black & white chequered option, whatever your chosen theme a starlight dance floor is guaranteed to fit.

Many of our couples choose a starlight floor for it’s romantic look,  perfect for your fairytale wedding.

As you take to the floor for your first dance the scene will look totally magical. With hundreds of bright white LED lights, a starlight dance floor is guaranteed to provide the focal point for your celebrations.

The floor can be set to static (permanent led lit) or sparkling mode with various speeds. If you prefer, the lights can then be set to react to the beat of the music, fade in and out, or simply remain on twinkle its your choice and easily selected at the touch of a button.

We are committed to making your wedding look totally outstanding and with our stunning starlight dance floors we go a long way towards achieving this goal. All our dance floors are thoroughly cleaned and polished prior to installation and spares are carried for every eventuality. If you would like to ‘WOW’ your guests then look no further, a LED starlight dance floor is the answer.


My Services

Here is a selection of the additional services I can offer to my wedding couples.

Personalise your day with a set of initials or even your surname, our Love Letters make a fantastic focal point, photo op and can create a beautiful backdrop to your first dance.

Selfie Wizard

The Selfie Wizard is a brilliant idea that enables your guests to upload photos from their own phones or devices to a slideshow for all to see. I include a Selfie Wizard with all my wedding DJ bookings as standard.

monogram and projection

You can now make a dramatic impact on your big day using our monogram projection. We can display a stylised monogram, such as bride and grooms name or initials in, on, and around your venue.