Selfie Wizard

The Selfie Wizard is a brilliant idea that enables your guests to upload photos from their own phones or devices to a slideshow for all to see. Unlike other photo sharing options, the Selfie Wizard does not require any special apps, nor does it involve any social media, allowing you to capture lots of informal snapshots from your special event without them being shared with the whole world.

In fact I think it’s so good, I include a Selfie Wizard with all my wedding DJ bookings as standard.

The Selfie Wizard enables your guests to upload photos from their phones onto a slideshow on a large 48” screen (provided by me) for all in the room to see, there is even an option to print them as 6”x4” prints, perfect for creating a scrapbook or for guests to take away. It’s the modern-day alternative to the disposable camera, (which let’s face it are pretty rubbish!) but now your guests will be able to take great photos and turn selfies into memories. If the print option is chosen, the printer will magically produce prints for the guests in as little as 10 seconds.

Why only have one photographer at your wedding when you can have a room full!!?

Here’s and idea:  If you are considering a photo booth why not use the Selfie Wizard instead. The Selfie Wizard is included with all my Wedding DJ bookings, add in the optional printing and guest book, then add the Tomfoolery Box to your booking. Now you have every guest able to take photos, props, a guest book, printed photos and instantly the whole room is your photo booth!

How does it work?

During your wedding day your guests will have taken lots of photos on their phones – your guests will have been taking photos of you walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, your first dance or just some candid shots of your guests during the day? Maybe a bit of dad dancing or one of your younger guests being mischievous!? To share them they simply connect to the Selfie Wizard’s own built in WiFi network and upload their photos, within seconds the photos will be added to the slideshow on the TV for all to see.

The photos uploaded can be from the wedding day, the engagement, stag, hen party or their favourite shots of the day.  Imagine a collection of additional photos from the day that your professional photographer couldn’t possibly capture. 

As an add-on option, I can also print the photos as they are uploaded and add them to a guestbook.  I’ll tell the Selfie Wizard to print 2 copies of each photo sent to the Selfie Wizard – one for the guest and one to be placed in your guestbook.  My attendant will ask your guests to add a comment or message under their photo before we give them their own copy!  I am now finding that the Selfie Wizard is producing the highest number of photos in the guestbooks, so the most memories for the my couples.

I would also add a personalised frame to the printed photos and include your names and the date of your special day:-

Before your wedding day I will finalise the design of the layouts and also ask you to provide 10 photos of you and your partner to pre-load into the system.

I will place instructions cards in plain white frames on your tables to aid your guests, as well as my “Embrace the Selfie” cards full of suggestions for the photos (as seen below).  Throughout the hire period I will be available to assist your guests and, if ordered, an attendant will manage the guestbook.  I have been known to take a few photos and upload them to the Wizard also…

A few days later, I upload the photos to your personalised gallery and send you a link so that you can share with your friends and family. You will receive a USB containing all the images in the post.

For your Guests:

  • Works with any smartphone and a wide range of mobile devices.
  • No apps or special software to download.
  • Quick, Simple, Easy to use.
  • Optional Instant prints to take away and Guestbook to sign.
  • Can upload photos from earlier in the day, and print them when the Selfie Wizard arrives.

For the you:

  • Added entertainment – especially in the “lull” between the afternoon and evening.
  • Informal shots of the special day and associated events/people etc.
  • Duplicate prints (optional).
  • Option for a personalised guestbook full of comments from your guests.
  • Guestbook prints (optional).
  • Easy set up with minimal disruption.
  • Digital copy of all the images to keep and treasure.
  • Takes up very little room.


Does the Selfie Wizard need venue WIFI?

  • No, the Selfie Wizard has its own built-in WiFi router. Guests simply connect their devices to the Selfie Wizard network.
  • Does the Selfie Wizard work with any smartphone?
  • Yes! The Selfie Wizard will allow photo uploads from any mobile device that supports WiFi and has a web browser – we recommend using Google Chrome. It supports any iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Will the Selfie Wizard be Manned?

  • As your wedding DJ I will be on hand to assist any guests that need help, if the optional guest book and printing is selected a member of staff can supervise the guest book.

My Services

Here is a selection of the additional services I can offer to my wedding couples.

Personalise your day with a set of initials or even your surname, our Love Letters make a fantastic focal point, photo op and can create a beautiful backdrop to your first dance.

monogram and projection

You can now make a dramatic impact on your big day using our monogram projection. We can display a stylised monogram, such as bride and grooms name or initials in, on, and around your venue.

A starlight dance floor is by far a popular choice. Available in white, black or as a black & white chequered option, whatever your chosen theme a starlight dance floor is guaranteed to fit.