Privacy Policy

Jason v. Gellecum will collect a small amount of data from our customers and contacts. This is provided by the customer when providing contact details, making an enquiry, asking for a quote or placing an order – this data can include:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Event Details

We are responsible with your data and never share it with anyone.

The data provided is held by third party services and any data downloaded from these services is stored on an encrypted, password protected and secure device with single user access.

As soon as this data has been used, it is safely and securely removed from the device.

Our third party data service providers  are listed under Third party data services at the end of this document. You can visit their websites for information on how they collect, use and store your data.

Additionally we collect usage data from our website, social media profile and mailing list using Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel.

How we use this data

Jason v. Gellecum will use your data to provide products, services or information as requested and maintain accurate records.

From time to time, we may send digital or physical marketing material (in the form of e mails and leaflets etc…) to you and we do so as we believe that this is in our legitimate company interest as well as your legitimate interest. Our marketing material will be educational i.e. provide you with information about events and new & existing products/services.

You can opt out of our marketing at any time and instructions for doing so will be clearly displayed on all material received.

Who we share your data with.

No one. Ever.

Data breach.

All accounts containing your data are secured with a random character password and, where available, two factor or biometric authentication.

In the case of a data breach from these accounts or company devices occur, we will contact all users who are affected by email. Following an initial notification, we will send a follow up a week later. Given that we do not collect highly sensitive information, any effect on end users should be minimal.

Our third party data service providers are listed under Third party data services at the end of this document. You can visit their websites for information on how they will handle a data breach.

Nominated data manager

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you can contact our data manager as follows:

Email hello@jasonvdj.com
Jason v. Gellecum – 1 Trusley Brook, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5LA


Third party data services